Jingle 3 Acapella

Jingle 3 Acapella

A jingle featuring Bill Bailey’s name, any feedback appreciated.


Mp306 Theme Song With Vocals

Mp306 Theme Song With Vocals

The is rough version of the theme song for Bill Bailey’s Radio Show.

Having watched some of Bailey’s clips on Youtube and being a fan of his I am aware of how he uses music in his shows. He changes the lyrics to songs as a way of entertainment, his shows always include humour and he seems keen to bring a light hearted atmosphere to both radio and stage. I believe that this is reflected in this piece. Being a vocalist i thought it was important to play to my strengths singing and song writing, which is why I decided to take this approach choosing to change the lyrics much in the same way that Bailey does. 

I choose to represent several genres by creating a fusion using an Indian Rajah Tabla, traditionally used in Northern Indian folk music, but is widely used in Bhangra music which in itself is a fusion of western pop and Hindi music often used in Bollywood films.

I also used horns which and a bass which are staples to traditional live reggae bands and the vocal where influenced by soft rock from artist show as Tina Turner. In was my intention to have the lyrics sung to the tune of the original ‘9-5’.


Today I was the first part of my assessment, it was a little nerve wreaking being filmed. I worked with Brad and Liam and was the runner in both of their sessions, though I also also used by Liam as the voice over.

In my session I was the producer, Liam was my voice over artist and runner, Brad and I shared the role as engineer whilst Brad ran between the studio and the live room. We worked very well together carrying out the roles assigned to us with clear communication and direction.

During the session Liam and I powered up the studio, I created a new session in ProTools and  set up the talkback. I used the AKG C 3000 B  and the Neumann TLM 102 microphone which are both phantom powered and condenser mics, they both suited the vocalist as they have a good round off and integrated pop shields.

I was able to record several takes in a variety of styles that would allow me more options with my final arrangements. I was really happy with the work that we were able to complete as a team.

I will be posting a sample from today on soundcloud.